Unemployment is a worldwide curse. It is not a small subject because every Govt. has to pay attention to the unemployment issue otherwise it is unable to handle economy. The problem of unemployment is killing like a weapon of Damocles on the skull of our country. Workless people can always be dangerous to the defense of the state. The ‘fire of stomach’, as it is said, can lead them to entrust any crime in the calendar. If they are not given a job by which they may earn their living honestly, they will have no other alternative than to beg or snatch their food.

It is difficult to imagine truth, nobility and truthfulness from a person who cannot have two square meals a day, and who cannot provide a morsel of food or a dose of medicine to his sick wife or ailing children. He can have no sense of self-dignity, for he has no sense of security, “A ploughman on his feet”, says Franklin, “is higher than a gentleman on his knees

Unemployment means absence of employment. It means very easy to define unemployment but there are many complexities and ramifications concerning its meaning. The first thought about unemployment may be that the unemployed are people without jobs

Unemployment is defined as all persons ten years of age and above who during the period under reference were, (a) without work i.e., were not in paid employment or self-employed, (b) currently available for work i.e., were available for paid employment or self-employment and (c) seeking work i.e., had taken specific steps in a specified period to seek paid employment or self-employment.

In general unemployment is defined as a situation in which a person who are qualified for a job, willing to work, and willing to accept the going wage rate cannot find job without considerable delay.

Pakistan is one of those countries that are facing this giant issue through the whole economy is at the edge of destruction. According to few surveys, there are about 2 million people are unemployed in Pakistan which really dangerous sign for Pakistanis. This new Govt. said loudly in the past before elections that they will provide employment to the unemployed people. But after getting rule, they are really upset to handle this situation which is getting violently speed towards downfall. Today it is severely concerned problem for the public and they are demanding to govt. to solve it on prior bases. All educated students that are passing out from their degrees are sitting idle because they have no opportunities, so they are going abroad for the jobs. Many surveys have stated that Pakistan is worst country for the employment and it is placed in poor countries that live on foreign aids. The Govt. should pay attention and create special opportunities to the students through which they can earn reasonable money through their hard work but not through wrong ways.

Historically, the 1960s and the 1970s were a turbulent period in the history of Industrial Relations in Pakistan. Militant trade unions and equally intransigent management’s were locked in endless disputes conflicts over pay and working conditions. Strikes, go slows, lockouts and litigations were the most distinctive features of employer-employee relations. The concept of employers and employees working together in close cooperation to ensure productivity, profitability and growth of businesses and security of employment

As a consequence, both the entrepreneur and labor, in fact, the economy of the country as a whole have suffered greatly. But, perhaps, labor has suffered most on account of increasing unemployment and declining real wages as both public and private sector businesses have increasingly resorted to cutbacks, relocation, closure, contract employment and outsourcing in an effort to maintain profits and to counter pressure from trade unions.


Lahore, May 12.