A large number of students, especially females, are working hard to get high marks in their HSC exams. They study over a night, despite load shedding coupled with hot days; and also give pre-exam in their coaching centres. On the other hand, cheating mafia has geared up by facilitating those who don’t have any knowledge or preparation up to level of HSC Examination. A good number of students at each examination centre also enjoyed liberty of using gadgets like mobile phones and tablets as means for cheating. Competent Authorities have shown their inability to stop this from happening.  

They have kept strong links with their helpers sitting at homes or other places. With all freshness and happiness on their faces, these distinguished students got ready made answers/solutions and were quick to solve their papers, as they later pointed out. In addition to the use of mobile, the patronised students did sit in special rooms set up at many examination centres to solve the papers or have them solved. News was published in Urdu daily that reported that a very influential government officer had changed the centre from NJV School. The genius students and their parents have grave concern over this attitude as it seriously affects the hard work and efforts of their talented students. Cheating is tantamount to murder of merit and hence, the parents of talented students are more worried and asking where they will go to lodge complaint as all relevant authorities are helpless. Students who are studying are so depressed, studying for more than 18 hours in a day for preparation of each paper and getting guidance from seniors. They make utmost efforts for achieving high marks but cheating mafia puts these in vain. 

Secretary Education, Chairman BSEK, Anwar Ahmedzai, has made a tall claim to resolve the issue of unfair means. He said that unlawful activities in the examinations would not be tolerated and those involved in this wrong deed would have to face strict legal action but so far, no practical action has been witnessed 

A group of parents regretted that there was a big mafia behind the menace of cheating for which various techniques were being used including mobile phones in examination halls. They maintained that the cheating in examinations had emerged as a very profitable business. Parents lamented that one could easily find brokers on the roads and streets busy in convincing the students and their parents to pay certain amount of money for cheating facilities; to the extent they would make arrangements for solving the questions papers in special rooms at the exam centres or somewhere outside. 

Concrete steps should be taken by all concerned authorities such as Mobile phones may be prohibited and can be retained at any box with identification and Police and Rangers may be deployed in each centre. Vigilance Committees should visit very frequently and not accept any influence and if any student found guilty and captured red handed, paper of the day may be rejected forthwith with reduced 5% marks on all subjects. Cheating student may be marked Red Marks in final Certificate and Degree Sheet so that such students would not be able to gain admission in renowned institutions. 

Governor of Sindh, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and Secretary Education must pay personal attention in the interest of justice and to save the career of genuine students. Otherwise our young generation shall not trust on any authority which would be an alarming situation. 


Karachi, May 3.