Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has said the incumbent assembly passed 136 bills during its tenure.

According to Radio Pakistan, Speaking at farewell ceremony of Parliamentary Reporters Association in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said the assembly passed sixteen bills of private members.

He said the assembly carried out the entire process of legislation with utmost transparency. He said all the members were given equal time.

The Speaker said the opposition got chairmanship of ten out of 34 standing committees of the National Assembly. Chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee is also with the Leader of the Opposition.

He said we set up Parliamentary Committee on China Pakistan Economic Corridor in order to keep up to date all the members about the progress on developmental projects under the project.

He said the incumbent government also took pragmatic measure for parliamentary education and in this regard, we launched internship programs with several universities.

He said five hundred internees got training and some of them also got jobs on the basis of the experience gained.

He said we also made a task force of sustainable development goals and SDG secretariat of Pakistan is a sole secretariat that is actively coordinating with all four provinces. He said the United Nations also recognized the secretariat.

He said Pakistan's is the only parliament which is totally green and instead of paying electricity bills the parliament house is receiving payments from IESCO for electricity contributed to the national grid.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said for the first a five year strategic plan was evolved with input from senior leaders.

The Speaker said he acted according to the rules, laws, Constitution and verdict of the Supreme Court as far as resignations of PTI and MQM members was concerned and therefore, no one was deprived of the membership on the basis of political considerations.