LOS ANGELES-Alec Baldwin’s lawyers have slammed a man suing the actor for slander following a row over a parking space.

The 60-year-old actor was charged with harassment last November following the argument in New York and last month, Wojciech Cieszkowski filed a lawsuit against the ‘Saturday Night Live’ star in which he claimed he punched him during the altercation and accused Alec.

The slander allegation relates to comments made by the former ‘30 Rock’ star when he went on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and said he thought Wojciech was going to run over his wife Hilaria, and Alec’s legal team have claimed his accuser is trying to turn a minor incident into a ‘’multi-million dollar lottery ticket’’.

In a memorandum filed to dismiss the slander allegation, the lawyers wrote: ‘’Cieszkowski is trying to turn a minor altercation over a parking spot into a multi-million dollar lottery ticket.’’

According to the New York Post newspaper, they also insisted Alec was simply stating his opinion and didn’t accuse the man of a serious crime, so there was no slander.

The lawyers also pointed out the parking space row was caught on video and insisted the footage contradicted Wojciech’s claim that the actor ‘’lorded over him’’ while he cowered in front on a meter.

Alec pleaded guilty to harassment for the incident and was sentenced to take an anger management class and pay a $120 fine.

The ‘Boss Baby’ star - who has 23-year-old Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger, and Carmen, five, Rafael, three, Leonardo, two, and Romeo, 10 months, with Hilaria - previously opened up about the parking space row and insisted his ‘’problem’’ was that the other motorist was very ‘’aggressive’’ and he was concerned for the safety of his family.

He said: ‘’The thing is, there are cameras everywhere. So I guess, to be glib about it, unfortunately for him, there were cameras everywhere but nobody punched anybody. That’s why my case was dismissed to harassment or knocked down with harassment; they said I pushed him.

‘’My problem was that when he aggressively takes this parking space from me, which is you know, that’s not the end of the world, I thought... he was gonna get close to hitting my wife and son.