ISLAMABAD-Islamabad Traffic Police has been issuing fine tickets to the road users by stopping them at police pickets erected by operational police, thus causing huge traffic jams during peak hours.

ITP has found the easiest way to issue fine tickets to the motorists by stopping them at police pickets set up by the operational police, but this practice is creating problems for the road users during peak hours and leading towards traffic jams.

A number of motorists shared their experiences and observations over this exercise of ITP during rush hours, especially in the month of Ramazan.

The police pickets have been erected at 13 points including Faizabad, PWD, G-11, E-11, Zero Point and Police Foundation where huge flow of traffic is observed throughout the day.

Abdul Hameed, a road user, said that the Islamabad Traffic Police officials are present at the pickets along with cops of the operational police during peak hours for issuing tickets to slow-paced vehicles’ drivers, for not fastening seat belts, using mobile phones or other violations.

The space around police pickets is not enough for parking vehicles separately which leads towards traffic jams there during peak hours, he added.

Despite clear direction from interior ministry to improve traffic discipline in the city, a senior journalist said that apparently it seems the message has been taken in wrong spirit as their focus is limited to issue tons of tickets to road users instead of educating them.

He was of the opinion that the Islamabad Traffic Police cops seems not to be interested in educating road users any more, but wanted to get their slick 25 per cent share on every ticket that they tear from their book.

He said that just getting punitive and issuing tickets indiscriminately would not make roads of Islamabad safer but certainly it would be an addition to their income besides their monthly salaries before the Eid.

Patrolling of policemen and observing traffic discipline on various roads has become rare, he added.

Motorists expressed the hope that the higher authorities would takes notice of this brazen attitude of the Islamabad Traffic Police as the Islamabad Traffic Police officials have forgotten how to be decent and they first snatch or take away cars’ keys and especially from motorcyclists.

When contacted, a senior police official confirmed that 13 check-up pickets had been set up to monitor traffic violations in the city.

He said that it was aimed to achieve better discipline on roads for smooth flow of traffic and clear directions have been made to check road violations without causing inconvenience to road users.

He was of the view that these joint pickets were aimed at maintaining traffic discipline in the city and better results would be achieved in the coming days.

CDA’s committees to ascertain

building violations

Capital Development Authority constituted 3 separate committees to carry out survey of various types of buildings to ascertain building violations. These committees will complete the survey of all buildings within 30 days. Violations in various types of buildings remained a major issue in the city, however, in the past, no serious effort was made to eradicate these violations.

The incumbent management of the authority has decided to bring all types of buildings under building by-laws.

In this connection, the authority has decided to carry out detailed survey to ascertain building violations in various types of buildings including government accommodations and office buildings owned by different ministries and departments. In this connection, a committee headed by Director Building Control-II with Director Maintenance, Deputy Director Urban Planning and Representative of Estate Office as its members will carry out survey to determine the violations that have been carried out by occupants of government accommodations. Similarly, second committee headed by Director Building Control-I with Director Urban Planning, Director Estate Management-II and representative of PWD as its members will carry out survey to determine the violations committed in buildings owned by various ministries and departments. The 3rd committee headed by Director Building Control-I with Director Sanitation and Director EPC as members will conduct survey regarding illegal sewerage connections of buildings into ‘nullahs’.

These committees have been directed to submit weekly reports to the Chairman CDA and in the case of violations; they have been directed to serve notices to the violator.

Furthermore, all concerned formations of the Authority have also been directed to provide necessary assistance to the committees so that the task could be completed within stipulated time period.