KARACHI-Unannounced loadshedding of electricity continued to trouble the citizens even in the month of Ramazan despite tall claims of K-Electric for providing relief to Karachiites.

Power supply to New Karachi area remained suspended for more than nine hours after Sehri, making it very difficult for the masses. The people were not only deprived of water owing to power suspension but those who had to go to offices and other work places have been hit hard.

“As per schedule, the power utility carries out two and a half hours loadshedding thrice a day but the duration is increased considerably,” said Hamza Tariq, a resident of New Karachi’s sector 5-F. He said that many other areas of the city were exempted from loadshedding but the KE continued to carry out the same in less privileged areas. We and other area people pay electricity bill on regular basis yet we have not been exempted from power suspension in fact duration of the loadshedding was increased, he added.

Hamza said besides unannounced loadshedding, the KE used to carry out prolong power breakdown for what the power utility called maintenance. “We don’t know what kind of maintenance they do every other day by suspending our power supply,” he added.