ISLAMABAD-China Railway 19th Bureau Group has established 4G and GPS automatic dispatching system for the second phase of Thar coal mine project.

This aimed at ensuring cost reduction and efficiency improvement of Thar coal mining, Gwadar Pro reported on Friday.

The second phase of Thar coal mine project is expected an annual output of 7.6 million tonnes. Regarding that the system is able to improve productivity of Thar coal mine more than 15 per cent, In other words due to the digital automatic system, now the annual output of the second phase of Thar coal mine project presumably could be increased.

It is the first GPS automatic dispatching system of Pakistan. Up to now, total 13 excavators, 74 dumper and 12 relative apparatuses of the coalfield installed GPS and concluded in this system. Coverage has exceeded more than 80 per cent of whole the second phase of Thar coal mine project.

Due to the harsh climatic conditions and complex geographical situation, traditional manual scheduling mode limited capacity of coal mining to a huge extent. Thar coal mine project is the first integrated project of coal and electricity under the CPEC and even in the whole of Pakistan.

Located in the southeast of Sindh, Thar coalfield is the seventh largest brown coal mine in the world and the largest in Asia. The project will alleviate Pakistan’s energy shortage and high dependence on import, the report added.