Islamabad-In a joint news briefing, Dr. Zubair Qureshi (Chairman), Mr. Abid Gilani (President) and Mr. Noman Farooq (Gen. Secretary of Alt. medicine and Homeopathic Manufacturers Association of Pakistan) brief media personnel. Mr. Gilani said since Mr. Asim Rauf has joined the DRAP as CEO, performance of all the divisions of DRAP has markedly improved, especially Licencing, registration, pharmacy services and quality Assurance.

Mr. Noman Farooq, Gen. Secretary, while giving his briefing said, Dr. Fakhar ud Din Amir, Director H/OTC, under the dynamic leadership of CEO DRAP Mr. Asim Rauf, rectified the weakness of Directorate H/OTC very rapidly. For transparency point of view, he uploaded all the applications on official website of DRAP. Due to this, a massive route of corruption has been barricaded.

Dr. Zubair Qureshi, Chairman, who is the largest exporter of homeopathic medicine, told that alternative system of medicine has been regulated for the first time in Pakistan. For the past five years, this system of medicine has been a victim of low performance, but Mr. Asim Rauf, CEO DRAP, focused on Directorate of H/OTC along with other departments. The policy of Homeo combination products was pending since 2014 and is why the Homeopathic industry has been badly affected until now. But now, the policy of combination of homeopathic products and GMP Guidelines has been issued, which will ultimately stop not only the massive load of corruption but will also be helpful to boost exports of homeopathic products. We fully support the strict quality control policy of DRAP in the best interest of public health, he said.

Dr. Zubair Qureshi, Mr. Abid Gilani and Mr. Noman Farooq further share their views to media personnel that the present transparent system implemented by CEO DRAP is not very well appreciated by the powerful drug mafia, and there are new hurdles being thrown in his path every day but he is determined to provide affordable and authentic medication to the public of Pakistan. They urge Prime Minister, Imran Khan to support such honest officers who are supporting the cause of Prime Minister Pakistan.