BADIN                    -             Sindh Minister for Agriculture Mohammad Ismail Rahu has warned of more severe and damaging locust attacks in more than 15 districts of the province in the coming weeks, if the scourge is not tackled properly.

Speaking to the journalists here on Friday, the provincial minister expressed his deep concern over the alleged indifferent attitude of the federal government towards the issue, which, he said, was not taking it seriously enough.

He regretted that despite warnings by the experts that fresh attacks might be more devastating as compared to those of the previous years, Centre was not tackling the problem the way it should be.

He said the Sindh government, despite its limited resources, was marshaling all available resources to exterminate the insects in number of the areas of the province.

Rahu said that it would be very imprudent if warnings of massive attacks were not taken seriously by the federal government.

The provincial minister said that in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, it was very childish to talk about the certain amendments, including the 18th Amendment, adding he had asked those daydreaming to bring changes in certain clauses to focus on the challenges posed by the spread of the virus.

contaminated water Supply continues

Supply of impure water has been continuing in Cantonment Road area, Siddique Kumbhar mohalla and adjoining localities for more than two days now even during the holy month of Ramadan, causing great inconvenience to the people.

The inhabitants of these areas have demanded the concerned officials take notice of the matter and ensure supply of clean drinking water to them.