The Lahore High Court’s (LHC) decision to suspend the sentence of a man convicted for being associated with an international group of child pornographic network is disappointing. It is beyond comprehension how he was released on bail even though the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had recovered some 65,000 child pornography pictures and video clips from his possession. A man such as this is clearly a danger to society and our future generations, and should be treated accordingly.

The reasoning of the convict’s lawyer that “the investigation held by the international agency was faulty as it failed to arrest or investigate the alleged foreign agent in Norway” was perhaps the weakest argument that one could have presented. It is gut-wrenching and shocking to see a man with such crimes released for no logical reason. What if he flees the country? What if he has a backup of all the confiscated material? There are ample reasons for his incarceration to continue, and this bail only allows for further exploitation of children.

Crimes such as this one need stricter enforcement of punishment, suspended sentences stand to make the problem worse. The felon in question is not the only perpetrator of child abuse; the problem is endemic in Pakistan and needs resolute action from all institutions in order for some solution. After the high-profile case of Zainab, or the horrific revelations of the Kasur child abuse scandal, one would have thought that our national tolerance for the abuse of children would have reached its limit. It is hoped that this decision is reversed as soon as possible, and the convict is put behind bars for the remainder of his sentence.