CHARSADDA (Online) - In an operation against militants in Shabqadar, 45 people including 30 militants and four security officials were killed on Saturday. Security forces targeted militants' camps in Shina Ghando Spray, Mulla Ghani Baba, Shadid Koworld Zac, Rashkai, Ayesha Kor and Jumah Khan Qilla. In forces' shelling, many houses were collapsed while security forces used tanks to demolish a private school and many houses as well. In severe bombardment of security forces, many civilians were also killed. According to reports, 30 militants and 11 civilians were killed while four security officials were also killed. Due to the curfew in disputed areas, media was also not allowed for coverage.  Due to the critical situation, security forces sealed all the passages leading to Shabqadar. Meanwhile, a security official was killed in a mortar attack by militants in Peshawar. Head of Paramilitary Frontier Constabulary, Zulfiqar Khan said that militants targeted a paramilitary camp and in the mortar attack an official was killed and another was injured.