KARACHI - Looking weak and fragile due to his prolonged illness, 14-year-old Master Sheroz, a student of Govt Comprehensive Higher Secondary School Korangi No 21/2, mesmerised the audience with his speech. He surprised the audience when he delivered an eloquent speech on the importance of technical education during the inauguration ceremony of Town Educational Development Centre at his school. During the ceremony, the school administration displayed exhibitory speeches, delivered by two students, while Acting City Nazim Nasreen Jalil, EDO education and other dignitaries were among the distinguished guests. The first speech delivered by Muhammad Farooq, student of class 9-B, was on the importance of education. He delivered a good speech, which was applauded by the audience. Then Master Sheroz delivered his speech with full confidence. He is also the student of class 9th. He delivered speech on the importance of technical education, which glued the audience to their seats. After Sheroz's speech, the anchorperson of the ceremony informed the audience that Master Sheroz was a patient of chronic skin disease but his ailment did not shatter his confidence. He had won top position in a speech competition held at Karachi level and qualified for the main competition held in Lahore in July, this year. He won that speech competition where students participated from Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and other metropolitans. The anchorperson further informed that during a similar speech contest held in Lahore, where Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif was the chief and the he was very impressed with the performance of Master Shehroz. Shahbaz offered Master Sheroz to stay in Lahore as the Punjab Govt would bear all expenditures of his education. But talented Sheroz told the CM that he could not leave his parents and relation who reside in Karachi. Sheroz had thanked Shahbaz Sharif and came to Karachi and continued his education in the local school.  It may be mentioned here that his school was once in dilapidated condition until it came under the Pilot Project Scheme.  "He was given special prizes and shield in the Lahore's speech competition", said Muhammad Ahmed, the principal of the school. Sheroz said those despite meagre resources his family could afford for him, he wished to get higher possible education.