MULTAN - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has affirmed that the fuel rates would further be lowered in view of price dip in international market. "I'll direct my finance adviser today to declare cut on oil prices," he assured the journalists while responding to a question here Saturday at Multan Airport. To a question, he maintained the coming few weeks were crucial in America as the government was in transition there. "Our foreign policy and diplomacy have turned out so successful that we'll succeed to get these attacks halted," he added. Referring to tribal areas, he said the tribesmen were sincere and patriot but some disruptors infiltrated in these areas. "These fugitives include Uzbuks, Chechans and Afghans. When they attack NATO forces from our territory, the forces retaliate," he claimed while replying to a question on American attacks. He disclosed that Pakistan Army had adopted a new strategy. "God willing, we'll overcome these elements soon, who come from outside and disrupt peace in our area," he added. He categorically declared that neither militants would be allowed to utilize our land nor foreign forces to challenge our sovereignty. He said the government was ready to hold dialogue with tribesmen. "Even if the terrorists give up their arms and surrender before political agent, we're ready to talk to them," he offered. Answering a question on PML-N leaders' harsh statements, he said the PML-N should talk to the Co-Chairman of PPP, if they wanted to split from the coalition. "Mian Nawaz Sharif and we are coalition partners and it's a very successful coalition. It's for the first time that we've held a joint public meeting," he said and added that Mian Shahbaz Sharif never expressed his desire to quit the coalition. To a query on opposition's reservations over constitutional amendments, he said the President had clarified in his address to the parliament that a parliamentary committee would be constituted to carry out amendments. "We believe in supremacy of the Parliament. So, the parliament will constitute a committee and a debate will be held on amendments," he remarked. He said the government recognized opposition's role. "There is no concept of parliamentary system without opposition. But I believe that the role of media is vital. I'd request media to continue to guide the government," he added. About prevailing economic recession, he said consensus existed on one point in entire world that economy would have to be diversified for overcoming this problem. "So, we've decided to concentrate on agriculture and improve yield," he added. He said the government offered incentives to the growers for encouraging them to boost their per acre yield. "We've increased wheat support price to Rs 950 from 450. There is a noise out there that it will cause hike in atta prices. So, we've launched Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) with Rs 34 billion to support poor families," he added. He said besides BISP, the Punjab government had also launched a support project with Rs 20 billion funding. "If we had not increased wheat support price, we would have to give Rs 60 billion subsidy. But now we've given just Rs 10 billion subsidy and delivered entire benefit to our farmer," he claimed. He said the government would support public in case of hike in flour prices in urban area. He assured the farmers that the government would purchase wheat and rice from farmers in case of hike in international rates. He strongly dispelled the impression that bureaucracy did not cooperate with the government. "It's an elected government and bureaucracy is fully cooperating with us," he claimed. He said all projects needed proper planning before their launching and this process used to take time. He said economic front of the country would get stable within next few months and development would start appearing. "Journalist colony is a provincial subject, but I'll talk to Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif," he assured the journalists.  He said the government would adopt legal measures to recover loans. He said he would direct provincial governments to ensure security of foreigners. He said Jama'at-e-Islami did not become part of election process and therefore they had no right to demand rule. "They have been part of previous government. Why didn't they bring capital back from foreign banks to the country?" he posed a question while commenting on a statement of Qazi Hussain Ahmad. About investigation of Benazir assassination case, he said the government had requested UN to launch probe. "As soon as the UN form any commission, the investigation will start," he added. He was of the view that some critics of PPP would declare it a vindictive act, if the government started investigations of Ms Bhutto murder case at this stage. He said the Inter-faith conference was initiative of King Abdullah and the motive behind this conference was to tell the world that Islam is a religion of peace. He urged upon the clerics to play their role to control extremism in the country. He said Pakistan was deeply interested in establishing good relations with all the neighbours including Iran, Afghanistan and India. Public meeting Earlier, addressing a public meeting, he said he had brought to the people the message of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. "They believed that democracy is the best system and people are source of power. We've to empower people and present ourselves for accountability," he added. He noted the politicians committed mistakes in the past and faced the consequences. "That's why we've opted to coalition government. No single party can steer the country out of crisis," he asserted. He said the first two instalments of BISP had been distributed among deserving citizens altogether. He disclosed that the programme would also offer health policy and agricultural loans to the people. He said for the first time government introduced crop insurance. He also announced construction of Aimanwala Pattan, Cadet College and schools in Sher Shah area. Earlier, the PM also inaugurated construction work of Multan-Muzaffargarh (additional) road and Kumharanwala to Bahawalpur Chowk road.