KARACHI - The Acting City Nazim Nasreen Jalil said that due to the unprecedented performance of City Nazim Mustafa Kamal in local government system he has made a symbol of Pakistan in and out side the country. Nasreen Jalil said this while she was addressing the inauguration ceremony of establishing Town Educational Development Center and up gradation of Govt Comprehensive Higher Secondary School Boys Korangi 2 1/2 No under the FPPCI funded Pilot project on Saturday. It was the 11th town where FPCCI funded Pilot project starts under the supervision of Committee for Monitoring and Improvement of Schools (CMIS). She said that the hands of city government are tied due to the stoppage of funds of city government by Sindh Govt. Nasreen Jalil said that city government is trying to make our future generation successful citizens, thus CDGK activate private sector to improve the standard of education system of city government runs schools. She said that Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Industries (FPCCI) did an agreement with city Nazim Mustafa Kamal in 2006, and since that a silent revolution in the city governments runs education system is happened as under the scheme of Pilot project and Model school schemes number of schools are being developed fast across the city. Nasreen Jalil hailed the services of FPCCI and CMIS in this regard. The representative of FPCCI Siddique Sheikh said that a lot of technical jobs would be available in the west and other parts of the world in near future and if we successful to prepare the skilful workers they could avail the opportunities of employment out side the country and as well as inside the country. He said that Atlas Honda Ltd established three works shops related to the motorcycle assembling and technical assistance established in the Govt Comprehensive Higher Secondary School, keeping in view the grower importance of skilled and technically train workers. The EDO education Ibrahim Kunbar, chairman education committee Imran Ahmed, Korangi town Nazim Arif Khan advocate, prominent industrialists Ahmed Chenoy, GM of Atlas Honda Ltd, Javed Iqbal Afghani, Principal of the School Muhammad Ahmed Khan and some others also spoke on that occasion and vowed that the journey of the development of schools of CDGK would be continued and increase the standard of education of these school would be increased at the level advanced education system. Later acting city Nazim Nasreen Jalil, FPCCI representatives Siddique Sheikh, chairperson of FPCCI Farhana Iqbal and representatives of Honda Atlas Motorcycle signed a MOU, according to which the said above school developed and three workshops related to the technical work of assembling motorcycle engines established in the school to train the students and improve their skill abilities. Nasreen Jalil later visited the workshops and other parts of the school reviewing the development work and applauded the performance of education department and CMIS.