KARACHI - Francis Widmer, Trade Commissioner of France, has said that his country would extend all possible help and assistance towards alternate energy projects in Pakistan which is prime and need of the hour. During his visit to the KCCI here Saturday, he said that France and Pakistan enjoy extraordinary cordial and friendship business relations and there are ample opportunities to enhance and promote the existing trade and business relations between both the countries. He said that exchange of trade delegations would enable both the countries to learn from each other's experiences for exploring new avenues of trade, business, investment and technical education in the sectors like textile, energy, communications, livestock, dairy farming and oil and gas. Anjum Nisar, President KCCI, said that Pakistani businessmen and trade community may join hands with France in energy, communication, livestock, dairy farming and oil and gas exploration sectors. He said efforts are required to execute agreement for joint venture investment between France and Pakistan. He also described about the event of "My Karachi Exhibition" arranged by KCCI in each year since last 5 years and invited participation of France in the forthcoming exhibition to be held in May-June, 2009. The Trade Commissioner expressed his keen interest of France participation in "My Karachi Exhibition 2009". The KCCI cheif also briefed the trade commissioner about the composition and also described the Corporate Social responsibility of KCCI in the fields of health and education and role of KCCI towards promotion of business and trade activities locally and globally. He also stressed upon acceleration of trade and business activities by both the countries in the fields of exchange of professional technical services, broad based business promotion through Chamber to Chamber contacts which would further strengthen the bilateral trade and business relations between the two countries. Anjum Nisar, President KCCI, along with Mr. Mohammad Ali, Vice President KCCI, Members Managing Committee and other members of KCCI thanked the Trade Commissioner of France upon his visit to KCCI. Meanwhile, a delegation of Malaysian media persons visited KCCI on Saturday. A statement of KCCI said that the Malaysian media persons delegation comprising Sheridan Mahavera, Specialist Writer in English Newspaper 'New Strait Times', Jamhariah Jaafar, Journalist of Malay Newspaper 'Bariata Harian', M D Shahri Saripan, Assistant Director South-South Gateway, Ministry of Information, Malaysia, Ahmad Faud Yahya, Assistant Editor, General News Service, Bernama, Malaysian National News Agency. Gamal Nisar Bin Mohd Ali, Production Editor, Utusan Malaysian (Malay Newspaper), Haji Bujang Bin Haji Masu'ut, Group Editor-in-Chief, Brunei Times and Abdul Rahim Bin Haji Ismail, Chief Reporter, Media Permata, Brunei recently visited KCCI who were warmly welcomed by Muhammad Ali, Vice President KCCI along with Shariq Vohra, Chairman Export Sub-Committee of KCCI, Dr Islam Hamid, Chairman Health & Education Sub-Committee KCCI and other members of the chamber.