KARACHI - The international symposium on photojournalism titled, "Defining Moments in Time" was begin here at the Japanese Consulate in collaboration with Pakistan-Japan Cultural Association and Japan Cultural Centre. Shazia Marri, provincial minister for information, said, "Photojournalism is an integral facet of media across the world. Time and again, photojournalist have proven that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' Photojournalist of today face severe challenges and as beneficiaries, it is our duty to appreciate their talents and efforts." Inaugurating the session, Fatima Surrayya Bajia, president PJCA, said, "Photography reflects life and a photograph is not only an image but an interpretation of the real. The addition of expression and life to mere reporting makes it a lot more colourful and encouraged more people to seek information and learn new things. Photographs celebrate life like a 'tarana' and express grief like a 'marsia'.   In his welcome address, Akinori Wada, consul general of Japan said, "The purpose of the conference is to address the problems prevalent in the field of journalism. I hope that this conference leads to better understanding and co-operation among the SAARC nations to work together in improving the present scenario of photo journalism in their respective countries and throughout the world." Zahid Hussain, chairman PAPP, said, "Pakistan has a strong portfolio in the field of photojournalism with pioneers like FE Chaudhry, Mazhar S Master, MN Baig and Iqbal Zaidi in the 1950's. Ibrahim Viyani, Hasan Bozai, Majid Mir from the 1960's. Hence the country produced a good number of journalists afterwards. As the event unfolds as many as 500 photographs from 80 photographers of Pakistan Japan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Afghanistan will be displayed." Rafiq-ur-Rehan, a photojournalist from Bangladesh, said, "In Bangladesh, photojournalists have formed an association with as many as 130 members. Photojournalists are facing many challenges in this digital age. SAFMA must take steps to provide a fellowship for the photojournalists." Mujeeb-ur-Rehman expressed his thanks to the organisers and paid rich tributes to many of his colleagues who had worked effortlessly over the years as a photojournalist. Several visiting delegates also spoke on the occasion.