President-elect Obama shares Bush's view that the next 9/11 type attack would originate from FATA. Can the superpower subdue the valiant Afghans and consolidate its rule in the war-torn country? Is the insurgency in FATA, which is essentially the fallout of Afghan war, our war as made out at great pains by our government? The next 9/11-type attack could trigger from FATA only if the first one did, therefore, Bush's and Obama's contentions about FATA are preposterous. A large majority round the world understands that the Taliban had no link with it. The space-age operation was beyond the capability of stone-age rustics. It was an inside job by the intelligence networks with enormous resources at their disposal. Mossad and rogue elements in CIA were the most likely perpetrators hence no serious inquiry commission was set-up. Historically, inquiry commission for Pearl Harbour was instituted within seven days, Titanic sinking-six days, Challenger disaster-seven days, JFK assassination-7 days but 9/11 had to wait for 441 days. What was the dithering about? Information technology has greatly progressed, with information gleaned from Internet having become a household affair among the thinking public. The in-camera briefing to the informed parliamentarians, therefore, failed to convince them as expected. Even if the parliamentarians were convinced the people could not have taken the bait that the War On Terror is our war. It cannot be. We are fighting to promote US interests in the region and are being paid for it. On a larger canvas US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and ME are pipelines-protection troops, while War On Terror is only a subterfuge to delude the gullible. We are expected to believe that suicide attacks in our cities are the outcome of religious extremism poured out from neighbouring Afghanistan. Was there a single incident of suicide attack during the decade long indigenous struggle against Russia? Similarly, was there any incident of suicide attack in Iraq before the US invasion? When we fight at the behest of a rapacious foreign power, we must be ready to bear the consequences. And the consequences are borne by the downtrodden, the shirtless, not by the hermetically secured oligarchy. Some think that strikes in FATA by US drones are due to lack of credible intelligence. It's a misconception. The truth is that missile strikes are meant to harass and annihilate the local population to compel it to vacate its ancestral dwellings to create a corridor of US domination. Moreover, the US plans to lay oil pipelines through Afghanistan, FATA, Balochistan and Gwadar. The wanton killing in the FATA is part of its grand design to exploit oil and gas resources of the Central Asian States. Recently Adm Mullen told Los Angles Times that the American forces had secured bases north of Islamabad to train Pakistani soldiers. But Asia Times Online reported that the situation on the ground revealed much more than a training programme. In September, about 300 US trainers landed at the facility. Hasanpur airstrip near Tarbela that has been upgraded to war readiness with new hangers built for the military aircraft. Perhaps drone strikes in FATA would now be launched from the newly acquired base. E-mail: