Columnist Aftab Iqbal, while commenting on privatisation of Qadirpur gasfields has called the minister incharge of privatisation 'irresponsible'. He has demanded from President Zardari that somebody 'merciless' be appointed in his place. Perhaps, Mr. Iqbal doesn't know how merciless Mr. Naveed Qammar can be. In his previous two stints in power, he had mercilessly sold out for peanuts every national asset that he could lay his hands on. Now that he has another go at it, he is sure to add to his personal wealth, and that of his masters, by disposing off all our national assets. Mr. Qammar must be eyeing our gas, oil, cement and electricity concerns because of which these necessities of life are being provided to us at the international market rates. Having realised that the country still had a few oilfields producing some bit of oil that could be used to subsidize foreign oil, our rulers promptly sold them out. I can provide the details about this if Mr Iqbal wishes to have them. Barrister Zahur Butt of London has done a lot of work in this regard. Here is a question that begs answer; the gas is an indigenous resource drawn from our land. Why did we sell its rights to foreign multinationals? We did not make any large dams. The Indians have made 52 dams in held Kashmir. We accuse India of violating the Indus Basin Treaty to which India replies that you throw hundreds of thousands of acre feet of water more precious than gold into the sea. If you don't need water, we can hold it in held Kashmir. We are not making Kalabagh dame because we want to buy expensive electricity from thermal power producers and make fat commissions from it. -PERVEZ HAMEED, Lahore, November 14.