ISLAMABAD - The political movement that achieved transfer of power from a military dictatorship to the vote winning parties in the February 18 general elections, appears to have gone on an unannounced moratorium rendering the burning national issues as pending for the time being. On top of the issues demanding attention of the political forces, especially those emerged as winners out of the last general elections, is the restoration of the Constitution fractured by the former President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. Initially the two political parties claiming top positions in terms of majority votes namely the PPP and the PML-N were hand in gloves for restoration of the Constitution in letter and spirit. However, with the passage of a limited amount of time, the two partners struggling for the restoration of the democracy as well as the Constitution parted ways. Consequently, the PPP has opted to stay as the leader of the ruling coalition while the second largest vote winning party, the PML-N, preferred to sit on the opposition benches at Centre while maintaining ruling in collaboration with the PPP at the Punjab level. At present the possible change of top faces at the formerly ruling PML-Q, at the same time, the possibility of its merger with the PML-N has been running the headlines of the national media. Practically, the burnings issues of the nation, namely the restoration of the Constitution and that of the apex court judges, including deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry have gone on the back burner. The PML-N quitting the federal cabinet was sufficient message for the ruling PPP that it should remain focused on the basic issues of the nation to start with the restoration of the Constitution to be followed by the so-called restoration of democracy. On the other hand, the PPP leading the fractured ruling coalition, preferred to stick to power rather than keeping the major coalition partners along. Stepping ahead from the phase of being left alone by the second largest majority party, the PPP moved on to address more important national issues rather than the declared critical issues of restoration of the Constitution as well as the independence of the judiciary. Irrespective of the fact that the PML-N has taken over the command of the parliamentary opposition, the ruling PPP still kept the issue of the judiciary as well as restoration of the Constitution on the secondary priority. Keeping the primary issues on the back burner, the PPP portrays to be busy with the settlement of the more important issues namely the workable relations with the US for law and order maintenance and the management of the economy on the verge of default. It appears that one way or the other the political observers are being forced to watch, for the time being, the making and breaking of the PML-Q leadership, which by now has become a non-issue for the public at large. At present therefore, former President and the so-called military dictator still enjoying the comfort of residing at the Army House, the hub of power manipulation, the PML-N vying to save its rule in Punjab, and the PPP muddling with the economic as well as the law and order management indicate that the practical politics in the country was on hold.