A relative of Paula Goodspeed, the woman who killed herself outside Paula Abdul's house earlier this week, are pointing the finger at Abdul for the death. We had a feeling this was coming, even though it's completely unfair. Goodspeed's brother, Charles McIntyre, has disputed tentative police reports she committed suicide in her car and has blamed the Idol judge for crushing her dreams of stardom. As we reported, Goodspeed auditioned for season five of Idol in 2006 but did not make it past her first audition. McIntyre tells the New York Post, "(Abdul) didn't speak up for her. She let everyone take her down. She said she was 'speechless', when she could have said something in her defense. "When someone sees you on American Idol being told you're no good... her career just went downtown after that." A spokesperson for Abdul has declined to comment. It's ridiculous to blame Paula Abdul for Goodspeed not having the singing ability to compete on the show. Idol has gotten so out of control with delusional people looking for fame and they don't have any singing ability It's crazy, and this is a very very sad story, but it's awful that McIntyre is trying to blame Paula Abdul, who is innocent in the matter.        - HS