ISLAMABAD  - The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has proposed to Ministry of Information Technology to make the purchase, sale and receipt of snatched or stolen mobile phones and SIMs a punishable offence with fine and imprisonment, by amending the law. "On approval of the suggested amendments the accused could be sentenced 49 years imprisonment, or with fine which may extend to ten million rupees or with both," Chairman PTA Dr. Muhammad Yasin told a Sub-Committee of Senate Standing Committee on Interior here on Saturday. He said PTA has proposed the amendment in section 31 of the Act Clause "P", adding the Ministry of IT is finalising the act for the amendment. He told the Committee that the sale of pre-activated mobile SIMs would be stopped by January 31, 2009. PTA Chairman assured the Committee that activation of the SIMs would only by done by the respective mobile company after the verification of the credential of the customer. He further said no franchise or retailer would be authorized to activate the SIMs. Chairman of the Committee Talha Mehmood asked the Authority to ensure 100 percent sale of non-activated SIMs from February 1, 2009. Meanwhile, the PTA Chairman informed that PTA has blocked 2.92 million SIMs that were procured by different persons on single CNIC. These SIMs were in excess of 10 connections issued against single ID card, he added. He said as per policy a person could get ten connections of each mobile company on single CNIC. Chairman of the Committee showing his concern recommended that PTA to allow a total 10 connections of all mobile companies on a single CNIC. PTA Chairman Yasin said that the Authority has verified all the mobile connections sold up to August 31, 2008 while blocking as many as 7.96 million unverified connections. The Committee expressed concern over the data provided by PTA regarding blockage of unverified SIMs and asked them to provide the data of blocked SIMs to the Committee. It directed the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) And PTA to finalise the charges of CNIC verification and report to the Committee within one week. The meeting was attended be Senators bdul Khaliq Pirzada, Col (Retd) Tahir Hussain Mashhadi and Secretary MoIT, Chairman PTA, JS Security Ministry of Interior, IGP Islamabad, representatives of four provincial governments and high officials of PTA and Ministry of Interior and IT.