ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is a tremendous spot for arts and its people are warmly welcoming, said internationally renowned artist David Wright here on Saturday. He was talking to TheNation during the inauguration ceremony of his painting's exhibition under the title 'Lone Voice', organised by Pakistan National Council for Arts (PNCA). "I was very keen to visit Pakistan despite that Western media was talking low about Pakistan. Before stepping in here, I had heard that terrorism is going on everywhere in this country, which is a breed of terrorists, but I knew that Pakistan is a peaceful state and its people, hospitable and welcoming," said the 79-year-old artist who is on a brief visit to Pakistan. Elaborating on the theme of his paintings, the legendary artist said, "My paintings deal with the issues of life. Through my paintings, I communicate the messages of peace, love, and arts to the audience". A concentrated glance at his paintings reveals that David's art pieces are beautiful and charismatic amalgamation of watercolours, oil paints, charcoal, pastels, mixed media and pencil. Contrary to the artists of abstract paintings, David had projected things, statues and clowns in his paintings to register his voice.  "Instead of people, I've been focusing on things, to voice my thoughts. The characters of my creation cannot speak, yet their silence stands louder than words", he added. Narrating a brief account of hospitality of Pakistani people, David said "The way I was welcomed at Faisal Mosque was such a pleasant surprise. People surrounded me and asked for photographs. This is the kind of treatment that you cannot expect anywhere in the world", David argued while sharing his travel experiences in the Capital. The Chief Guest of the ceremony, Advisor to Prime Minister on National Security, Mehmood Ali Durrani, thanked David Wright for visiting Pakistan along with his daughter.   "David is a worthy asset to today's arts and I'm profoundly thankful to him for being here", he added while appreciating the efforts of PNCA to organise the event. Initially, PM was supposed to be the chief guest at the ceremony, but Mehmood had to replace him on account of PM's hectic schedule. The Curator of David's paintings, Alison Darnbrough said that his paintings deal with human emotions and project the realities of life. "David knows the art of touching the hearts. He is the one and only of his kind", she stated. Meanwhile, David Wright appreciated the work of Pakistani artists while stating that he found the work of Jamal Shah, Iqbal Hussain and Naheed Gahzal deeply captivating and absorbing. "I've seen their art creations and am deeply impressed with the way they have put it in", he stated, "I'll be leaving on coming Monday, my tour to Pakistan is an unforgettable experience of life." he added. The painting exhibition will continue till February 14.