BAGHDAD (AFP) - A US OH-58 Kiowa helicopter crashed on Saturday in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, but it is not yet clear if anyone was killed or injured, the US military said. "There was a helicopter that went down on the east side of Mosul. The crash appeared to be non-combat related," a US military spokesman said, adding that troops had arrived on the scene and were investigating the incident. The US military also announced that a marine was killed by a roadside bomb on Friday in the western Anbar province, the former epicentre of the country's Sunni insurgency that has seen dramatic improvements in security since 2006. While, three Russians were among seven people killed in a cargo plane crash in Iraq this week, Russia's foreign ministry said on Saturday. "An Antonov-12 cargo plane belonging to British Gulf International Company crashed near Fallujah to the west of Baghdad on November 13," the foreign ministry said in a statement. "Six crew members and a passenger were killed, including three Russian nationals. A Belarussian, two Ukrainians and one Indian were also among the crew members killed," it added. British Gulf International is based in the United Arab Emirates.