LAHORE - After meeting objections, Watan Party has again filed petition before the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the privatisation of Qadirpur Gas Field (QGF). The office had earlier returned the petition objecting that no question of fundamental right was involved in the matter nor the petitioner commanded locus standi to move the petition. The petitioner has addressed the objections on the plain of Article 184(3) of the Constitution as well as the Supreme Court decisions and argues that on the matter of law technicalities do not come in the way of to do complete justice. The petitioner through Barrister Zafarullah Khan seeks permanent check on the privatisation of the QGF inter alia contending, the privitisation in question was sheer contrary to the constitution since gas was a part of all federating units. It says privatisation in the past failed to serve the country in a big way while most of the prized national assets were sold out at throw away price and the privatisation in question may not be a different. As to the Qadirpur Gas Fields, the petitioner argues, this unit was not only providing to the country as many as 550MMSEFD gas but also 1000 barrels oil per day in addition to 50MMSEFD raw gas for power generation thereby it was largely contributing to the national economy. That the Fields is providing millions dollars to the national exchequer just only from one layer while rest of its three layers were still unexplored. The petitioner contends that QGF has the reserves worth $12 billion, as such its privatisation would prove detrimental to the national economy. The petitioner has prayed to the court to remove objections to the petition and entertain the same for hearing in the interest of preserving this important national asset against privatisation.