FAISALABAD - Senior PML-N leader and MNA Khawaja Saad Rafiq has pointed out that there are only 92 members of the party in the National Assembly, a number less than the requisite for bring the vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister or impeach the President. Keeping view the ground reality, the PML-N, therefore, will follow other democratic means to bring the change. He said the party is now in the open to bring down the PPP-led government and they have the options of long march, sit-in in front of Aiwan-e-Sadr and en bloc resignations from the Parliament. Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Saad Rafiq said that they would take every constitutional and democratic step for bring a change in the country but made it clear that all unconstitutional methods would be opposed. He averred that the PML-N, in no way, would accept what he called the supremacy of Army and Establishment. The PML-N diehard expressed his confidence that Faisalabad public meeting of the party would prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the rulers. The outspoken leader, who is known for his eloquence, claimed that the PML-N was the only opposition party which had taken to streets with the slogan to oust the corrupt rulers and would not let it complete its five years term. Without naming any party, Saad Rafiq argued that while other parties were in the process of election campaign, the PML-N was going to the court of the masses and now decisions would be made at Dhobi Ghat Ground and Mochi Gate, and not in any office in Rawalpindi, an ostensible reference to the GHQ. He was of the view that today, Zardari was not the leader of a political party rather the head of a specific group. He claimed that the PPP workers who also wanted to get rid of Zardari-clique, were also with the opposition in its anti-government movement. The PML-N leader alleged that this clique had destroyed profit-earning national institutions like Railways, Steel Mills and PIA. Deliberate crises of gas and electricity have been created and people are now fed up with these tactics of the government, he added. Saad Rafiq made it clear that the PML-N demanded early elections in the line with the Constitution to enable the public elect their true representatives and get rid of the corrupt government. He elaborated that his party could enter into alliance with any political party that raised slogans against the corruption of Zardari. The PML-N MNA stated that it was a matter of pride that the NA Public Accounts Committee headed by Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly, had recovered Rs115 billion. Had the PML-N not taken out the long march, there would have been Dogor courts in the country today, he added.