KARACHI – Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah on Thursday presided over a meeting with Shia ulema held at the Chief Minister House.The meeting was attended by Maulana Hasan Zafar Naqvi, Allama Abbas Kumeli, Moulana Mirza Yousif Hussain, Moulana Nazir Abbas, Moulana Sadiq Raza Taqvi, Syed Sagheer Abid Rizvi, Syed Razi Haider Rizvi, Syed Ali Ausat, Moulana Ali Karar Naqvi, Moulana Ikram Tirmizi, Moulana Nisar Qalandari, Shabar Raza, Salman Mujtaba, Moulana Baaqir Hussain Zaidi, Moulana Hussain Masoodi, Chacha Wahed, Moulana Jaffar Subhani, Chief Secretary Sindh Raja Muhammad Abbas, I.G Police Sindh Fayaz Ahmed Leghari, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Waseem Ahmed, AIG Police Karachi Iqbal Mehmood, Senior Special Assistant to CM Rashid Rabbani, Special Assistant to CM Waqar Mehdi, Najmi Alam and others. Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister said that the month of Muharram was commencing from today (Friday) and it was a very sensitive month, as the government had taken prompt measures for security during Ashra-e-Muharram. He said that police, rangers and other persons of law enforcing agencies have been strictly directed to make adequate arrangements of security during Muharram. Qaim added that maintenance of law and order is prime responsibility of government; as such no negligence, careless or irresponsibility will be tolerated at any level and at any cost.He stressed upon, Ulema, notables and prominent citizens to come forward and cooperate with the government in its endeavour of achieving peaceful atmosphere in the province. Chief Minister Sindh said that there are certain elements who wants to create situation of uncertainty in the province, while with the cooperation of people, the terrorists, criminals, killers and anti social elements will be eliminated. Qaim also stressed upon Ulema that being religious scholars, they should approach and impress youth to avoid from any reaction against crime. He said that Nawasa-e-Rasool Hazarat Imam Hussain (RA) was a man of tolerance and we have to resemble  lessons of tolerance at all levels. He said that various meetings have been held at different levels while the governor of Sindh had also held law and order meeting the other day and said that Governor of Sindh is also part of present, while we are working jointly with similar spirit and zeal. The CM expressed his firm belief that full security arrangements will be ensured by Police, Rangers and law enforcing agencies. He added that there is need of peace, love, brotherhood and cohesion so that there is no any incident of clash or rivailing in the ranks of any sect of Islam.He assured that government will fully consider and implement valid suggestions, and being Home Minister, he will monitor himself all actions and situation in the province.He also informed the participants/Ulema’s that different monitoring cells will monitor the situation at Home Department and office of Commissioners and Home Secretary Sindh. Shia ulema highlighted specific problems and presented their suggestions.