ISLAMABAD – As many as 500 students of Bahria University came together, and pledged for saving their motherland by becoming ambassadors of peace, as School of Leadership organized the sixth overall session, and first at CIIT, of their nationwide campaign named “Shabash Pakistan”.

“Shabash Pakistan” is a nation branding movement started by the School of Leadership. SoL unveiled their first event in Bahria University, says a press release issued on Thursday.

“Shabash Pakistan” is a series of three one-day sessions in four universities, which will be divided over three months. The target audience is the undergraduate and graduate students.

Umair Jaliawala, the trainer, kicked off the third session. The theme of the session was “MAIN” (I) and the power of ‘I’ in bringing a social change in the society, by taking personal responsibility.

Talking to our correspondent, Umair said that it is high time the youth started taking action about the things they do not like happening, because if one is being affected negatively by a particular situation, it should be he to be the first one to take action to change it for himself instead of waiting for others to come and save the day.

The School of Leadership did it in a different way. The methods were unlike the conventional educational and personality building methods. The young blood was taught in an interactive and participative manner, which is actually role playing in itself.

Talking of the fruit, here is what SoL looks forward to reap: The first objective: making the Pakistani young blood more loyal to the brand that is called “Pakistan” and to make them feel proud as “Pakistanis.”

The second fruit: reap is to make the youth realize their responsibility towards the country and that the youth is encouraged to launch “Social Action Projects.”

The third fruit: encouraging the youth to reflect Pakistan as positive and upbeat on social media. Fourthly, harvest more awareness in them of the global challenges that our motherland is currently facing. The last fruit: provide a platform to the students to develop and polish their leadership skills.