According to news, target killings have intensified in the political and social hub of Karachi as thirty more innocent people were shot dead in various incidents of killings in different parts of the city. According to Police, 104 lost their lives in different incidents of target killings in just two weeks in Karachi. The escalating violence saw unknown gunman killing six students belonging to a religious seminary. The latest tragic event happened when the army has organized a big arm show “IDEAS 2012” in the heart of the city. In the presence of Army Chief, Prime Minister and the Chief Minister in Karachi these killings are astonishing as it is very evident that maximum security is provided, and the city is on high alert. Unfortunately, all appointments in police and the paramilitary forces are politically motivated and in several areas of the city forces can’t enter without approval of some political party or the other.

In a recent ruling the Supreme Court of Pakistan clearly stated that, in the presence of four thousands target killers, the dream of peace in Karachi can’t come true. Due to political pressure and weak legal system the government has released several criminals belonging to different political, ethnic and sectarian groups. Despite killing of thousands of people no one is brought to justice and total number of people killed in Karachi this year have exceeded to that of people killed in lawless tribal areas this year.

Since this democratically elected government has come, the city has seen worst kind of violence, for the last several years. There has been ethnic and sectarian violence and instead of law enforcement agencies, we have seen armed groups, belonging to different political, ethnic and secretion organizations that are now controlling every corner of the city. Most people who have been killed in the recent violence belong to poor communities of the city and many small businesses were burned down in the protests, bringing more poverty and raising an army of young poverty driven boys to violence.

Recently Interior Minister Rahamn Malik accepted that the presence of foreign weapons is the main cause of bloodshed in the city. Only months ago another minister Nabil Gabool also revealed that Karachi has more weapons than our tribal areas and some parties are receiving huge amounts and weapons as a reward for opening the Nato supply route from Karachi to Quetta. Unfortunately, due to political interest the present government is turning a blind eye to all these issues. The government seems to be taking only cosmetics steps to calm the general public, but any imbecile or moron can see that nothing is being done to address the genuine and burning issue in Karachi. Until the government faces the realities and arrests and punishes the criminals without caring where the person is coming from or which political party he belongs to, we will not see any peace. We seem to be living in a time of bloodshed, but let me tell the people who are behind this ‘blood will tell’, and one day they will suffer the same kind of violence. History has proved it.


Jeddah, November 12.