ISLAMABAD – The Citizenship Education Foundation has visited Roots School System, DHA1 campus Islamabad who were warmly received by Riffat Mushtaq, Founder Roots School System, Khadija Mushtaq, Director Roots School System DHA1.

On the occasion, the delegation was briefed about the proactive initiatives taken up by the campus to educate students to become global citizens.

Andy Thornton, Chief Executive of the Citizen Foundation, David Kerr, Sarah Kilou Regional Project Officer, Leila Nicholas, Renee Berkhout, Dr David Davies, Corinne Pearson and Gerard Liston were part of the delegation.

The delegates were briefed about the role of Roots School System, DHA1 campus Islamabad, in endorsing citizenship at all levels and the importance of the Roots Citizenship Model. A virtual tour of the school activities regarding the implementation of citizenship was presented. The delegate also visited the Junior School, says a press release issued here.

The delegates were shown various projects of the school with special focus on the Role of Community Workers, Significance of Civic Values, Relation between Social Studies and Citizenship Education Activities, Citizenship learning Class Observations followed by a Q&A session.

On the occasion, Riffat Mushtaq highlighted the importance of implementing citizenship in the school curriculum and educating parents and students equally about its importance.

She told the delegates about the active participation of Roots in various community and national projects like Liberating Girl Child Foundation, Environment Pakistan, Youth Leadership Conferences, Royal Commonwealth Essay Competitions and International Cultural Collaborations. 

The key areas addressed during the visit were the content and methodologies behind education for citizenship at Roots particular to cultural characteristics and beliefs.

Khadija Mushtaq highlighted the important role that Roots is playing to support localized delivery of citizenship, policy and curriculum. It is very important to teach Citizenship Education so the youth can overcome the challenges faced in social engagement.