PESHAWAR - Participants of a workshop hailed the media role in Pakistani society and termed it an institution making the necessary effort to provide a platform for citizens, who are either ignored or denied their rights.

Addressing the workshop organised by Individualland Pakistan (IL-Pakistan) with the support of the Friedrich-Nauman-Stifting fur die Freiheit (FNF), Mr. Shaukat Ali Ashraf said that Pakistani media has come a long way and succeeded, in its struggle to attain freedom.

In the last decade, media has experienced a tremendous change and growth. It has now enacted itself on a path towards, where it ensures transparency in governance, as well as other aspects in life.

The next general elections are around the corner and while preparations are being made by media outlets for the coverage, the media has also to realize its role in the current dynamics of Pakistan.

This will ensure a smooth and unbiased flow of information to the people, in order to make their independent decisions.

A total of 37 journalists participated in the one day training held on 05th October, 2012. Mr. Shaukat Ali acted as moderator for the workshop on behalf of IL-Pakistan.