TOBA TEK SINGH - The unification of three leftist parties, Awami Party Pakistan, Labour Party Pakistan and Workers Party Pakistan, into a one new entity, the Awami Workers Party (AWP) was a great step towards building an alternative to the status quo parties in the country.

Leaders of AWP made the statement at a press conference here the other day. They said that the AWP was not a party of landlords, capitalists, generals or mullahs, but of the downtrodden people. They said that formation of party reflected unity of progressive elements who wanted true democracy endorsed by the masses.

The AWP leaders said that the party would play very important role in the upcoming general elections by contesting selected national and provincial assemblies' seats all over the country.

The leaders and representatives of progressive organisations including AWP federal committee member Ch Fateh, AWP local leaders Tariq Mahmood and M Zubair, human rights activist Ashfaq Fateh, Pakistan Youth Council central president Irfat, Passco Staff Union leader Arif  Saqib, Dr Faisal, Peasants Union leader Yousaf Maseeh and Women Peasant Network leader Rafia Salomi attended the meeting.