LAHORE – PML-N President Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said that best candidates will be fielded in the upcoming elections to ensure victory of his party.

Nawaz said that after winning the elections the utmost endeavour of the PML-N would be solving problems of the masses on a fast-track basis. He said that if the masses elect his party to power it will solve problems at their doorsteps.

Nawaz was talking to former member of the National Assembly and the Senate from Muzaffargarh, Mian Ghulam Abbas Qureshi, ex-Senator Major (retd) Amjad Abbas and Mian Arshad Abbas Qureshi who called on him at Raiwind.

Nawaz on the occasion also discussed election matters and the political situation with them. During the talk, Nawaz said that the PML-N had a concrete programme for the welfare of the masses as well as progress and development of the country.

He said that his party is doing untiring efforts to solve the problems of the people and it has framed a comprehensive agenda to steer the country out of the current crisis and difficulties. He said the party manifesto for the next elections envisages revolutionary measures for progress and public welfare. Nawaz said that his party has resolved to the take the country out of darkness and into light.

Separately, Nawaz felicitated Xi Jingping on his election as new head of the Communist Party of China and the President of the Peoples Republic. In his message to the Chinese people Nawaz said that the smooth and peaceful transition of power speaks for the unending unity of the Chinese people and political maturity. He said that PML-N had a long relationship with the Communist Party of China which would grow further in the time to come. Congratulating Xi on this historic occasion, he expressed the hope that under his leadership the Chinese people would further progress and prosper.

Talking to the Chief Minister of Bihar India, Natish Kumar, Nawaz welcomed the growing trade ties between India and Pakistan as well as exchange of delegations of the two sides terming it a positive step for the progress and stability in the region. He said that the present day world belongs to the economy and the people of India and Pakistan would thrive and prosper if they are economically strong and powerful. Nawaz laid stress on solving all issues between the countries through the peaceful means and negotiations.

Kumar led a delegation at meeting with the PML-N chief at Raiwind.

During the course of discussion Nawaz Sharif also appreciated the institutional reforms carried out by the Bihar government and praised the efforts of Natish for rule of law, economic uplift and for a better infrastructure which had opened new vistas of progress for the people of the province. He said that good governance in Punjab is bearing fruits while informing the Indian CM of various development projects of the Punjab government. He said that immense opportunities of progress were available in the region and if issues between the two countries are sorted out, these opportunities can be well used for the betterment of the two peoples.

Kumar thanked for the love and hospitality he received from the Punjab Government and the people and said, he that he was overwhelmed by his visit to Punjab. He said that he was also very impressed by the development projects of the Punjab government and said that both the countries can cooperate with each other to achieve economic progress.