LAHORE –Lesco is conducting up to 10-hour loadshedding with consecutive power cuts of two hours in the city areas while the rural areas are facing up to 12-hour shutdown.

The power distribution company, amid the situation, Thursday claimed that it made full preparation to provide non-stop electricity for Ashura.

Though the NTDC has not been officially providing daily power situation in the national grid since Nargis Sethi resumed the charge of Water and Power Secretary, the sources say the gap between electricity demand and gap is widening day by day.

“The national grid is facing 40 per cent gap between demand and supply and average 10 to 12 hours load shedding is being conducted in Punjab’s urban and rural areas respectively,” said an official of the power sector. The official said that the city feeders of the Lesco, Gepco and Fesco (Gujranwala and Faisalabad area power distribution companies) had been advised to conduct 10 hours load shedding. He added that Sindh and KP areas are facing least load shedding.