LAHORE – Pakistani record holder M Mansha, who prepared three breads (chapatis), has dedicated his achievement to the people.

Talking to this scribe on Thursday, Mansha said: “Pakistan has given me identity and today people talk about my achievement across the globe, bringing good name to my country.”  Mansha, a chef at Punjab Sport Board, come to the limelight on October 21 as he set the world record by cooking three breads in 3.13 minutes in the presence of Guinness book records adjudicator Gareth Daeves.

Before getting into the famous record book, Mansha was living in wilderness and people hardly knew that he has the talent and potential to cook three breads in that short span of time. “It was a very exciting experience which has given me a new identity and a lot of confidence and I am very thankful to Allah Almighty for giving me the strength to accomplish a task which was described ‘impossible’ by most of the people before my attempt,” he added.

Mansha said at the time when he was attempting the record, he was under immense pressure and at one stage he had a fear deep inside him that he could not do it but as soon as recited some verses from Holy Quran that fear vanished in air and he felt a new confidence in him and started preparing breads one after another with Guinness book adjudicator checking their quality to ensure that they were prepared well in shortest time span.

“Thousands of people have sent me congratulatory messages not only from Pakistan but also from abroad and my name is in international media and websites now and today I am known to everyone not only my country but also abroad for which I am thankful to my Allah Almighty,” added Mansha.

He expressed his special thanks to chief organiser of the Punjab Youth Festival Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan and Director Genera l Sports Board Punjab for extending all-out support to him in setting up a new mark.