ISLAMABAD – In celebration of International Education Week, the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) held a daylong event at the USEFP Islamabad Office to encourage students to seek opportunities for learning and growth, with a specific emphasis on higher education opportunities in the US.

The highlight of the event involved students, parents, and implementers of the English Access Micro-scholarship Programme. Shazia Khan, Manager Fulbright Outreach and Educational Advising at USEFP, welcomed guests and highlighted the importance of international education.

“Education is a powerful tool, that can help Pakistan’s youth build a better tomorrow,” she said on the occasion. 

The Access Programme provides scholarships worldwide to talented 14-18 year-old youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds for after-school English language classes.

Since the programme’s inception in 2004, over 70,000 students in more than 85 countries have participated in this activity. Pakistan has the largest Access program in the world; Over 5,000 students in 17 locations across Pakistan have benefited from this initiative.

Director of English Language Programmes at the US Embassy, Joëlle Uzarski, encouraged the Access students to explore opportunities for further learning. “English is a valuable tool which you can use to open doors to further education, better jobs, and friendships with other young people around the world. The competition for these scholarships is tough, and you have been selected because we believe you have a bright future,” she said.

The event kicked off with a welcome speech by USEFP, encouraging students and parents to take advantage of free-of-cost educational advising and online resources offered by USEFP in the three major cities of Pakistan. Select Access Programme alumni spoke of their experience and provided a mentoring session for new Access students who have recently been awarded scholarships. The audience engaged in interactive discussion, trivia questions about the US, and fun prizes. Parents were encouraged to continue to support their children’s education and higher education aspirations.

This event was one of many engaging activities organized this year by USEFP in celebration of International Education Week. The International Education Week celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange programs worldwide.