SADIQABAD - Tehrik-e-Istaqlal Central President Rahmatullah Wardaq criticised the role of media" exaggeratedly reporting the situation in Balochistan and that of the judiciary for giving remarks in this regard, and said that now some political parties are playing the same role regarding the circumstances in Karachi.

"The Balochistan issue has been exaggeratedly highlighted and the Supreme Court passed remakes for time and again. Because of  the hype created by the media, the US in the United Nations accused Pakistan of violating human rights in Balochistan," said Wardag, "And now, some political parties exaggeratedly presenting the Karachi situation and making hue and cry."

He said that the militant wings of ruling parties in Sindh were behind the deteriorating law and order in the economic hub of the country.

He added the same views were often expressed by the political parties in their statements. He maintained, "Now, the parties are creating hype in the National Assembly and the Senate regarding the situation so that the world powers could interfere in the issue and the political leaders could show that they are unsafe in Karachi by being associated with Pakistan, thus we should be given independence from Pakistan. The same situation is being created in Balochistan with due planning."

He urged the government to foil the world conspiracy by taking immediate and bold measures and announce early general elections. He also suggested that Karachi be handed over to the Army for six months and the city be deweaponised by immediately declaring a state of emergency in the city. 

He warned that in case of government apathy in this respect, a few perfidious people, with connivance of the US, would start secessionist movements in Sindh as well like in Balochistan. He also warned of the US drone attacks in Karachi in the days to come if the situation persists.

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