“Nero fiddled while Rome burned” is an old adage but in Pakistan, in reality, we can claim that this is happening. While Karachi and Balochistan are burning, our government and its different parts are sitting calmly giving TV interviews and suggestions and slanders about the culprit or culprits. But the question is who is looking out for Pakistan? (Only Allah)

The people are burning in the fire of misery, of devastation and continuous bombings. Others are burning in the furnace of prejudices, hatred and apartheid. Whether it is news channels showing ‘breaking news’ or the front page of daily newspapers, both speaks at length about Karachi situation. This situation is nothing new but of grave concern. So many questions and no answers, and whenever asked a direct question, our politicians start spinning a web of deceit or a yarn or fairy tales such as “Once upon a time there was Musharraf…”

We all would like to know who are the ruthless killers? Where do they plan such unholy actions? What is their motive behind such callous acts? How they are able to escape despite police and civilians around? Why is the government and concerned agencies showing apathy towards the situation? And most importantly when will this violence be over and we could all go back to a normal life?

The states foremost responsibility is the security of life and property of its subjects, whether it is a house, a school or a business. More than eighty people have been killed in the last ten days, and there is no hope of any improvement in the coming days. We need a collective effort on the part of political parties, Ulemas, civil society, government, judiciary and all other concerned authorities to join hands to overcome this catastrophe. We as public should become vigilantes and point out any criminal we see among us. We should be on high alert.


Sargodha, November 12.