The session of National Assembly held on 6th November was meant to elect a new speaker of the house. However, it ended in a most jovial and conceited mood of the PML-N, who turned it into a party show. At the start of the meeting, PTI demanded election of the speaker, but the deputy speaker replied that first the newly elected members in by-polls should take oath. Three members took oath and then entered Ayaz Sadiq, the former speaker, to take his oath. When he entered the house, the raised slogans “dekho dekho kon aya, sher aya sher aya” and turned the house into a political meeting or rally. Mr. Sadiq instead of showing humility and decency was the victim of the hubris his party generally suffers from. He delivered a speech that was nothing but self-praise and contempt for oppositions, devoid of any mark of a person on higher moral ground. The PMLN showing such behavior at the occasion made the NA floor look like “mochi gate” rally damaging the sanctity of the house. This was the outcome of a session for which the members will draw salaries and perks from the national exchequer. Perhaps, the speaker would be wise enough to inculcate sense of decency and respect for the house instead of appeasing personal feelings of his party members. Such practice is against the norm of good governance of the house. Democracy is not only about winning seats, it also demands modernity, modesty, decency, respect for all, and tolerance of the diversity of opinion. By adhering to these principles, the speaker, now Mr. Ayaz Sadiq himself, can better serve democracy setting examples that nation can be proud of, not ashamed of.

Raja Shafaatullah,

Islamabad, November 15