We are witnessing repeated disasters of natural and man made ones which are depressing news for people. Latest is scores of labourers buried alive beneath a faulty building in Sunder Estate that sends a strong message to our administrators who always believe in fire fighting but do nothing to prevent such terrible disasters due to human failings. The Chief Minister Punjab ought to take some time out to inspect faulty buildings near Lahore. He is too busy in building metros and orange trains and looks drained out due to his lingering sickness that is taking severe toll from his health. He is advised to retire and give exclusive attention to his health at this time. The disaster of collapsing buildings need urgent attention to hold builders and inspectors responsible for callous treatment of labourers who lose their lives in faulty buildings simply to earn a few hundred rupees each month. The persons who control building codes may be held responsible for such colossal loss of human life so that they are fined heavily to deter them in future from playing with the lives of poor people in heartless manner. Such disasters are a slur on the fair name of Chief Minister who is known to be a hard task master but has become lack lustre lately due to his health problems.


Lahore, November 5.