The lack of business ethics, corporate responsibility and following rules by two private airlines of Pakistan was displayed when PIA pilots went on strike and these airlines resorted to unfair practices, while Federal Government, CAA and other State regulatory agencies looked the other way in what amounts to criminal negligence and complicity. Air travelers have witnessed failure of CAA and State to protect taxpaying revenue passengers from Air Bhoja and Air Blue obligations to next of kin of two fatal accidents. Who is responsible for appointing MD of PIA a pilot found involved in grave financial irregularity in recruitment by AVM Mushaf?

CAA Pakistan is most profitable revenue generating regulatory agency, whose sole responsibility is to protect interests of travelling public by ensuring that airlines under their regulatory control strictly follow aviation safety standards for aircraft, pilots, technicians, and ground handling and cargo agencies involved in providing aviation services. There is abundance of funds to recruit best professional aviation pilots, doctors, engineers and inspectors for various fields, who have no conflicts of interest, are under no obligation, receive no remuneration or benefits from airlines under regulatory control as is practice in FAA, JAA etc. Yet CAA Flight Standards Inspectors are all on deputation or payroll of PIA, Air Blue or Shaheen, and cannot be expected to perform their regulatory functions. What prevents CAA Pakistan to hire qualified doctors and health technicians for random checks for drug or alcohol abuse prior to conduct of duty?

Unfortunately CAA has become a dumping ground for retired uniformed officers, cronies of political governments and corrupt bureaucrats like former CFO Pechua under whose watch things have gone from bad to worse. If Shaheen Air B737 left Main Landing Gear ruptured on what was definitely a bad landing was structural integrity of this aircraft properly checked and does CAA have this capability independently without relying on airline operator’s skills. In September 2013 Capt Irfan Faiz Chisty was caught at Bradford Airport prior to departure by local aviation regulatory agency for consumption of alcohol. It is reported that previously on various occasions he had been allegedly involved in such violations, but let off because he was son of retired general. Capt Asmat could have been prevented from performing his duty if CAA had been conducting random checks, deterring flight crew from such lapses, but it has failed to do so.

G. Zaman,

Peshawar, November 15.