OKARA-The elections for the 15 District Council reserved seats were postponed due to printing fault in the ballot papers while the elections for workers/peasants and non-Muslims seats were held.

Asghar Khan and Asad Doger, the candidates for the technocrat and youth, have already been elected unopposed.

For the three peasant seats, Karam Shah, Abid Fareed and Ali Jawad Kirmani were elected. For the 5 non-Muslims seats, the PML-N backed 4 candidates including Hanif Masih, Yaqoob Salhotra, Younas Iqbal and PPP-backed Younis Masih Gill were elected.

Nine elected District Council members belonge to PML-N as PPP candidate Rana Gul Nasir and PTI candidate Bilawal Zaman Khan have lost the elections.

The elections for the 15 reserved seats of women were postponed due to the misprint of the election symbols. A PML-N candidate Abida Perveen was printed with the symbol of Diamond while her rival independent candidate Sabiha Sarwar was given the PML-N symbol Lion.