LAHORE-Top Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane has many feathers in her cap. She performed as a theatre artiste before becoming a VJ at Ary Musik. She earned fame through her best roles in drama serials like Aahista Aahista, Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si and Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare. She made her debut in Bollywood romantic film Sanam Teri Kasam and enthralled the audience with her performance. Her versatility has enlisted herself among those veteran actors whose name will be written on the golden pages of modern Pakistani film industry.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation she talked about her career and success. Following are excerpts of the interview:

Have you ever considered branching out into directing or production side?

Not at all, at least not yet! Acting is an extensive job. Every project takes a toll on you and you got to quickly recover and prepare for the next. I don't want to be jack of all, master of none. I want to focus completely and excel as an actor with every project.

How was your experience of working in the film Sanam Teri Kasam?

Honestly it was quiet a turning point in my life. To live in another land on your own teaches you a lot. Anyway Sanam was a soul-stirring script. The journey taught me some profound lessons that will always stay with me. I think I grew more sensitive as an actor and more compassionate as a human being.

What attracted you to the script?

The whole story revolved around the girl, it's rare to find such a huge margin of performance in a main stream Bollywood film. Usually it's all about being an eye candy. I wanted to be more than that since I got my first offer. I knew the script, had the capacity for me to prove my mettle and so I did and I'm ecstatic about the unanimously remarkable reviews regarding my performance.

Is there a memorable moment during filming that stays in your mind and what challenges you had to face?

There's a French quotation " Tout était beau et rien ne Faisait Mal" which means "Everything was Beautiful & Nothing Hurt".

I don't like whining about the challenges I face while I work, I know they are for the better so I can rise stronger and better. The most memorable however is Kheech Meri photo. It was so much fun shooting it.

Almost every other channel has a hit serial with you as a lead. Which one role that you have performed is close to your heart?

Main Bushra has been the closest to my heart and I don't know the reason for that. It's really overwhelming to have done so much work so soon. I hope I can keep it up.

You have worked in both Pakistan and Indian film industry. Is there any difference in working of both industries?

Not really! Of course they're more experienced and expanded than we are. They are brilliant and we are working towards brilliance. Otherwise it's all the same because in the end what matters is all that happens between action and cut for an actor.

Is it the right decision to ban Indian movies in our cinema houses?

I don't know anyone who is not watching all of them. Art penetrates no matter how many bans you put out. I do feel it is harming our cinemas and that it's not fair for the cinema owners as well as the budding Pakistani cinema.

What are your views about the controversy regarding Pakistani actors and artists working in India?

I'm a hugely opinionated person and I speak of only love and compassion regardless of the situations because I do believe love is the only answer, it's about time we try and grow beyond borders and ethnicities. I don't know about others but I want to work in India, America, Iran, Europe and Russia everywhere. I am a sucker for good script I'll go wherever it'll take me.

These days a lot of comments by celebrities on political situations seem to get picked up and there is a backlash. Do you think it’s safe for actors like you to air your views?

Well it doesn't bother me because I am who I am and I will not change myself or my point of view. It's downright hilarious how the media tweaks statements by celebrities for their benefit but I feel absolutely safe. They'll keep doing their job and I'll keep doing mine and this is how it will always go on.

What projects are in pipeline?

I'm working on a social issue based project for Hum TV called SAMMI . I can't wait to share my reinvented self with my audience. It does make me nervous at times because it's an extremely challenging role but then that's what I'm here for. A few other announcements will be made soon. I can't wait to share the other projects I am working on.