LAHORE - As a famous Turkish saying goes: ‘An orphan cuts his own umbilical cord’. This means a parentless child has to make own luck every day.

For the poor orphans of Darul Shafqat (an orphanage in Lahore), it was a “generous opportunity” by Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) to visit its head office and see its gigantic structure where the rich technocrats and bureaucrats enjoy all state provided perks and privileges. But no top officers bothered to have a final photograph with the 20 visiting boys (as shown in photo released by Wapda).

It might not be embarrassing for the poor guys and their coordinator as they face such discrimination in our society on daily basis, but reveals Wapda’s aloofness for its guests which was deeply felt.

One can confidently say that it was the first officially sponsored visit in Wapda’s history or might be in country's history where hosts did not accompany their guests. Wearing maroon jackets, grey pants and unpolished shoes, students of Dar-ul-Shafqat can be seen in the photograph standing at front of Wapda House entrance gate while no Wapda official in sight.

The picture is contrary to the routine photographs issued by Wapda to press on occasions of the visiting delegations where suited and booted guests/delegates could be seen enjoying company of top officials sitting in furnished halls and meeting rooms.

Though it was not confirmed officially, a source claimed the students were not even offered tea during, what Wapda claims, was their official tour.

“As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority arranged a visit of Wapda House for orphans from Dar-ul-Shafqat, Lahore. The delegation comprised of two faculty members and 20 children/students,” the authority stated.

The purpose for arranging this visit was to create awareness among children about water conservation, besides providing them an opportunity to visit Wapda House which is considered to be one of the landmark buildings in Lahore. “During the visit, the orphans were briefed about the importance of water for life, and the ways and means to avoid wastage of water.”

It was further stated that the students had a round of the Wapda House including its roof top to view the city.

Such a shame, the poor delegates of Dar-ul-Shafqat took a low blow by Wapda at the height of their excitement.