HYDERABAD - With advent of winter season, people particularly of low income class started rushing toward “Landa Bazar” to purchase sweaters, jackets and other worn winter cloths at cheaper rates.

Landa Bazar is a shopping place for second hand products and items in Pakistan.

The purchasing power of a common man has not risen in Pakistan as compared to inflation and prices of items of daily use and it become hard for the middle and lower class families to purchase fresh and new item from the market.    

It was revealed in a survey conducted by APP on Tuesday that a large number of people turned towards the Landa Bazar to fulfill their requirements and needs while vendors and dealers were doing brisk business as their clothes were selling like hot cakes.

“Our business is going very well these days as the demand for winter clothes has risen”, Dil Nawaz Khan a clothe-dealer at Cloth Market Hyderabad told APP.

He said that crowds of people, both poor and rich can be seen bargaining with retailers in markets and weekly bazaars where besides woolies heaps of quilts, bed covers, blankets and rugs were up for sale.

They not only select clothes which seem the best in quality but also try to get those at nominal rates, said Dil Nawaz Khan adding that some people even try to bargain at fixed price shops. But many customers complained that second-hand clothes were also becoming expensive.

“The prices of used clothes are spiraling every year”, commented a lady Ms. Awais Leghari. She said that the price of new winter clothing was out of their reach.

Shop Owner Gull Shair Khan said that owing to low prices this time, people were feeling quite comfortable to buy clothes.

“Our winter stuff sale is on increase and we expect that in the days ahead this will escalate further”, he added.

All types of things are available in Landa Bazar of Pakistan but most common and famous products are shoes and clothes. In winter season the peoples go more often towards them. It is due to big difference of prices between the new and used products of this market.