LAHORE - This dug out road on Dharmpura underpass is a classical example of the city administration’s negligence towards addressing those public woes which apparently are petty, but pose serious threats to the commuters of all sorts particularly two-wheelers.

Previous to the reconstruction of this road some seven months ago, this hazardous section of the road was covered with a steel sheet to serve as drainage for the rain water. However, after a thick layer of concrete stuff was put on the road in new construction, this piece of metal got concealed under the concrete material.

Subsequently, blaze of the sun melted the road on this side (due to substandard material) and holes on the steel plate emerged.

From what looks on the spot, these holes would have offered huge attraction to the thieves or the addicts, to dig out the road slowly during the night time to take away metal sheet gradually.

A year ago, a two-foot deep hole gained the authorities’ attention after numerous numbers of accidents occurred. Several people including women and children had sustained multiple injuries.

Now the situation has become the same but with more lethality as this time round, the road on steel plate is caving in to a longer part which appears widened every next day. The highly notable feature of the matter is that this threatening part is on the descending side of the underpass and the commuters, mainly two wheelers, remain blind to what lay ahead when they are rushing speedily down this pass.

Equally important point is that the underpass is a daily passage of hundreds of thousands of people to their destination and among them also include the police and other administrative officers who would, perhaps, never have bothered to look out of their luxurious four-wheeler what plight the poor two-wheeler were facing due to this dug-out road. In a civilised state, small problems of the citizens are urgently taken care of before they turn huge and serious.

They believe in the saying: ‘save the pennies, and pounds will take care of themselves’. But here the situation appears otherwise. This spot is not the only one but thousands of craters on the roads, open manholes, heaps of garbage, mud etc. exist in this sprawling metropolitan. Don’t the city government’s high-ups have little amount of funds to resolve these petty problems while they spend billions on the mega projects?