Cyber bullying is among the most critical issues that have a direct bearing on young people. Pakistan is one of the countries where the uproar of cyberbullying has been grave. Not only the general public but also some of the most famous public figures have been affected by these activities of harassment – one of which is the highly coveted actress Humaima Malick who finally decided to break silence and speak up against cyber-bullying.

“I have been facing cyberbullying since the past 4 months. Not talking about these issues would someday completely silence the voice of the harassed. It is about time that we all stand up, fight against these forms of violence,” commented Humaima on the subject.

She plans to break this silence on the 17th of November, at her visit to Kinnaird College for Women University, Lahore. ‘I have been receiving threats for the past 4 months and it’s time that such harassers get called out openly in public!’ says the actress who has been in the industry for seventeen years now.

‘The experience has been mentally tormenting. These cyberbullies have gone to an extent of disrupting my personal life activities – casting sleazy innuendoes whenever, wherever given a chance. There has to be an end to this. Now is the time that we speak up and raise this issue. Staying silent or ignoring these issues has neither done any good to us in the past, nor will it result positively in future, if not pointed out on time,” exclaimed the actress who bluntly rejects the idea of passive suppression and misogyny.

It does not come as a shock from an actress whose life has been an exemplary display of constant struggle against social norms and conservative conventional beliefs. She was just seventeen when she entered Pakistan’s film industry and has gained popularity, nationally and internationally. “By not reacting on such cases of brutal harassment, one only becomes one of them. We ought to raise our voice as our only choice!” expressed Humaima during the promotions of the film Arth – The Destination, at the platform of LACAS. She also mentioned her performance in the film to be reflective of her actual self; she used Arth’s platform to speak against such bullies. She would do whatever it takes to aware her fans of the subject.

Humaima also mentioned that she would be publicly speaking on these issues as she believes in the artist’s responsibility of bringing about the change needed in contemporary times. “If we don’t stand up now, then who will? Being a human, I’m aware of my responsibilities to myself, to my society and industry as an artist, and to my family as a daughter. I will not stay silent anymore!” reasoned Humaima on the issue. She looks forward to hearing and sharing personal accounts of cyberbullying on all kinds of social media, followed by a session of vocal catharsis, in the form of constructive advices, exclusively for the victims of such harassment.