ISLAMABAD - Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to media outside the Accountability Court here Wednesday said when justice is not seen to be done and verdicts are given in haste, it does raise many questions.

She said an elected prime minister was sent home on the basis of an ‘Iqama’ because it had been decided before hand notwithstanding the fact that there were neither any corruption charges against him nor there was any evidence available to corroborate them.

However, efforts were now being made to frame some allegations and ferret out the supporting evidence, she added.

The minister observed that the joint investigation team (JIT) report was an interim submission as its volume 10 was incomplete and the process of mutual legal assistance had also not been concluded.

She said concluding four references in six months meant that for each reference only one and a half months would be allowed. She asked as to why there was so much haste and urgency involved in these cases while the verdict against an absconder from the anti-terrorist court, who appeared before it after two years, had been reserved. She said there could not be double standards in law.

 She said that previous petition filed by him in the court was accepted and such a verdict delivered on it for which they were still trying to find incriminating evidence but sent the thrice elected prime minister home.

She said the questions raised by Maryam Nawaz in her tweet were being asked by the entire nation but their answers would be given by the people in the 2018 elections.

Marriyum said Nawaz Sharif was a popular leader and it was the legal right of all the people to ask the questions that they were asking to seek justice.