Once again the thick cloud of smog has blanketed the vast area of the province. The atmosphere took a heavy toll on the health and routine of the people last year as well. Many claims were made by the concerned departments, they promised to control the worsening situation. But the recent appearance of smog proved the hollowness and shallowness of those vows. It not only upsets the normal functioning of people but is also hazardous for their health. At the moment, eye relating diseases are rampant owing to smog. In the same way, the people with asthma find it difficult to breathe in the smog-laden air. It also creates lot of obstacles for commuters since the visibility falls to less than a hundred meter at certain places. It is advisable that the people must avoid unnecessary traveling during such days.

Along with precautionary measures, the government should start a campaign to eliminate the factors responsible for the spread of smog. The smoke producing vehicles should be banned immediately and the drivers should be fined heavily. The factories emitting poisonous chemicals should be sealed within no time. Moreover, it has been noticed that most of the farmers set the field on fire after the crop season is over. This practice not only reduces the fertility of the land but also causes atmospheric pollution. The trees are termed as the lungs of nature which keep the atmosphere pure and clean so more and more trees should be planted and the existing trees should be preserved. We are in dire need of forestation and reforestation to cope with the ever-changing climatic conditions. Through electronic, print and social media, an awareness drive should be initiated so that people may protect themselves from the harmful effects of smog.


Mianwali, November 1.