Widespread prevalence of teenage pregnancy can be observed in the most tribal regions of Pakistan. The obvious cause of teenage pregnancy is early marriage which is common practice in most tribal parts of Sindh and Baluchistan. Pregnant teenagers face several issues that other women do usually confront. However, there are additional concerns for those under 15 as they are less likely to be physically developed to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Early childbearing can be risky for both the mother and the child. Childbearing under the age of 17 can lead to maternal mortality as the body is not mature enough to bear a child. On the other hand, teenagers are not equipped with the experience of handling the tough situations and dealing with daily domestic problems. This gives a rise to many other maladies; a sense of irresponsibility grown among young mothers when they fail to provide enough healthcare and parental attention to their children. It is also observed that children born from adolescent mothers fall prey to many health related issues which pose serious risks to the life of the child. 

To reach a reasonable solution to this problem, solid measures are to be taken to stop early marriages. Government should play its role by conducting awareness campaigns regarding the risks of early marriages and teenage pregnancy. 


Hub Chowki, November 1.