It is quite an honor for me to be a part of your esteemed paper. The problem which I am going to highlight has become one of the burning issues of our country. The men at the helm of the affairs of this country have not shown any seriousness to solve the issue. But it is fatal for the very roots of the country. The problem that I am going to discuss is brain drain. No one has put an eye on this burning question of today’s life yet. As we all know that young, educated and talented people are the precious asset of the country. The future of the country depends upon these young people but unfortunately in our country the talent of these people is not being valued .They are not being welcomed instead they are being discouraged .In short talent is being not appreciated. As a result they are constrained to go to another country and use their abilities and talent for them. Though they want to do wonders for their own country since they are capable of but they are not given a chance. So they emigrated to other countries and work for them. In this way the country suffers a lot.

There are other reasons behind this issue irrespective of not being encouraged. These include the lack of basic necessities in a country. For example health, education, poor living condition, political instability etc. This lack forces the people to emigrate. The high rate of emigration of high level educated workers from our country can inflict a huge financial loss to our country.

I suggest the Government of Pakistan to lower the power of push factors that can cause people to move and stay abroad. The leaders of our country have to find proactive strategy to maintain the high educated and skilled workers to stay in the country. Besides that, the leaders should nurture the nationalism spirit to the citizens so they have a willingness to develop their own origin countries. Now it is my humble request to the government to take some concrete prompt action to save this real asset of the country. As we all know that that the prevention efforts actually work better than cure.

I hope my suggestion will be able to take a proper place in your esteemed paper.


Lahore, November 1.